Privacy-centric DEX
on Aleo

Arcane Finance is a fully private non-custodial decentralized exchange enabling fully confidential DeFi on Aleo. Powered by zero knowledge proofs.

What is Arcane

RFQ spot exchange

Tokens are exchanged with zero slippage and no need for trust

Concentrated liquidity AMM

The most modern AMM model which enables deeper liquidity and more efficient trading.

Uncompromized privacy

Arcane fully leverages Aleo's unique ZKP-based features to provide unparalleled confidentiality


Deep, Diversified Liquidity

Arcane Finance is revolutionizing the world of exchange markets by seamlessly integrating two innovative models: the concentrated liquidity Automated Market Maker and the Request for Quote (RFQ) mechanism. This dynamic duo ensures the utmost efficiency in capital utilization, bringing a new level of performance to the DeFi landscape!


DeFi Market Cap


Trading volume on DEXes 
in Q2 2023


Trading volume on CEXes 
in Q2 2023
Privacy and decentralization

Combining the
best of DEX &

All trades on traditional decentralized exchanges are fully public and traceable, while centralized exchanges are custodial and, therefore, unsafe—users' funds can be blocked or even stolen by a dishonest exchange. Arcane Finance addresses both issues by combining the best of both worlds: it is both private and non-custodial.

No front-running

MEV protection

Traditional DEXes expose users to various MEV attacks, including front-running, which can result in potential losses. Arcane Finance offers full protection against MEV attacks by utilizing unique privacy-protecting technology.


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